Our Story So Far



… Lex Luthor. Easily one of the smartest beings on Earth. had done it. He had defeated Superman. And it wasn’t with some Devastating Technology or Monstrous Creation. it was with the media. it was a good old fashioned frame & smear campaign.

Luthor had leaked information that he had produced a new Amazo Android Line. The JLA caught wind and Investigated. Of course Luthor had the Factory lined in Lead so Superman couldn’t see what was inside. As the Factory Doors opened, several Large Humanoid Androids exited and Superman and Batman got to work, Destroying every last one and destroying the factory as well. But when Batman noticed something was wrong … it was too late. The Lead lined Androids weren’t attacking … but defending themselves. These were MANNED Power Suits. and none of them were weaponized. They were Radiation Control Suits designed to look like Amazo. Clark and Bruce had just destroyed a legal Metropolis facility and killed a dozen innocent employees of Lex Corp.

Luthor went to the Supreme Court and lambasted their support of a “Rogue Enforcement Agency” like the JLA. He Demanded that restitution be made and that the Super Heroes involved be held accountable. That the JLA be disbanded and that a new “Superhuman Registration Act” be put in place. The Law passed. Superman retires to the Fortress of Solitude out of remorse and grief. But Batman is furious. He becomes a fugitive and now is fighting not only criminals, but Law Enforcement as well. He creates an Army of like-minded individuals, and he steps up his game utilizing measure heretofore unseen in gotham. Multiple highly armed and armored Batmobile-Tanks. Power Armor for every member of the Bat Family. After Aquaman and Wonder Woman refuse to bow to a foreign nation … or a nation of men, The Armies of Atlantis and The Amazons of Themyscira aid in Batmans War.

The Destruction is spreading, Gotham is a War Zone and Luthor, as Appointed Director of the SHRA, Recruits his own Army of Super Heroes. Heroes with Military and Law Enforcement experience. Hal Jordan, John Stewart & Guy Gardner gain the aid of the GLC with select Lanterns to aid in their fight. Barry Allen and his extended Family also join the fight. Captain Atom, Booster Gold, and even Martian Manhunter are persuaded to join. They all Register and become Public Agents revealing their secret identity in return for amnesty. They also reveal Batmans secret identity and location of the Batcave. Wayene Industries assets are seized, Wayne Manor is raided and Batman and company relocate to the “Abyss”. a Batcave, Prison, Armory and Storage Facility located underneath Gotham City several time larger than the Wayne Manor Batcave. Luthor also puts a bounty on the Bat Families heads ad has Villains the world over looking to collect.

-Gods of War
Kingpins of Crime like Vandal Savage, Ras Al Ghoul, and Black Mask approach Lex, wanting “In” on his scheme to share the spoils of war. Disgusted, and surprisingly sincere, Lex refuses their advances and renounces his villainous ways, stating he “Only wanted to make the world a better place”. Furious, he starts his own War on Crime and releases Android Crime Fighters (that look suspiciously like Amazo Androids) and Giant Weapons Platforms to engage a now double crossed army of Bounty Hunters, Psychopaths and Criminals. he feigns defeat to lure them all the way to Lex Corp Towers. Thousands of Americas most wanted swarming the streets of Metropolis, and then … Boom.

Lex raised the force field around Lex Towers and detonates a Nuclear Warhead inside the city. Metropolis is a wasteland. But Lex has won. Lex blames the army of criminals for the incident and claims they were working for Batman. His public image has never been better as he redoubles his efforts. Even the Superheroes are in agreement as they are aware of the countermeasures and lengths Batman would go to, to win. Hal especially has reaffirmed his beliefs and supporting Luthor. As Lex Revels in his Victory, he is joined by his two allies through this entire ordeal … Ares, God of War, and Brainac. No three better Tacticians, ever existed. With Brainiacs caluculation and Ares blessing of bloodshed, Lex is almost gaunteed to win … Especially with the Death of Lois Lane placed on Batman’s Shoulders.
however, Just to make sure, he activates a subspace harmonics signal into the far reaches of the galaxy …

-Love & War
Recent events cause Hal Jordan to refocus on what is important in his life. He decides to propose to Carol Faris, who has been leading Lex’s Air Force with brand new Farris Interceptors. It is a day of celebration amidst chaos and turmoil. However in the middle of their Honeymoon, Hal receives an Emergency Signal from Oa. Simultaniously, Wonder Woman and a cadre of Amazons are attacking a New Coast City processing plant. Hal leaves at Carols insistence that she has fought Diana before and that she can handle it. She, Arisa and Soranik, with three Squadrons of Advanced Farris Interceptors engage the Amazonian Queen (Hypolita had stepped down and boarded the Chiron Boat to go to Elysium). Little Carol know how close the Amazons had come to Atlantis. They have unified as a single Nation, and Atlantian Warships flank them. In one on one combat, Carol argues with Diana about Love, Sacrifice and Accountability. Diana retorts that she knows nothing of Accountability and offers to teach her a lesson in it for all the years she was a villain. Diana beats Carol to death and skewers her on her own power construct.

Elsewhere, Hal, John and Guy show up to where Oa SHOULD be … instead, thet find a devastated planet, cracked and crumbled. The Oan Power Battery is gone. Shocked, they look for clues as to what happened and find a trail of yellow debris and dust and the trail ended at a worm hole … headed to earth. As a fighter pilot, he takes all the shortcuts to get to earth first and warn them of whats coming. when he arives on earth, has every intention of sounding the alarm … until he learns of his wifes death. he is overcome with grief and rage and his emotional quagmire overpowers his Power Battery. He has become a Self Powered Alpha Lantern. In his desire for Vengance, he appeals to Superman, who FINALLY joins the Registration … and hunts down Batman to deliver Justice.

-Fog of War
While Superboy had wanted to side with Lex and Supergirl supported Batman, Clark stayed Neutral, and Billy Batson had fallowed the example of his mentor. But now … after the being convinced by Hal, the loss of Carol Farris, the destruction of Metropolis … and the death of Lois. Superman, alone, descends into the Abyss, drilling through Gotham City. Batman is waiting for him in his “Steel Buster” Power Armor. But its not enough. Kryptonite Dust in the air, Red Sun Lamps, even Titanium laced Lead walls wasn’t enough … it wasn’t a battle. No more than a fly can battle a flyswatter…

Superman returns and reports to Lex. Lex asks if he brought Wayne to Justice.
Superman explains that Batman had him under surveillance the whole time, but after the loss of Lois, he was going to wait till Clark approached him as to not interrupt his mourning. he also explains that everyone is sick. He points out to the Smoke and Fog as destruction and chaos reigns below. The air is polluted, but it tainted with something else. Something alien. thousands are sick and dying, its just that no one noticed because of the war. Bruce is sick and has been trying to find a cure, until he realized it was a yellow dust like pollen that was floating in the dust and smoke. It was infecting the entire northern seaboard. the survivors encase themselves in a cocoon like carapaces and metamorphosis in to humanoid drones … they were awake, but unresponsive untill recently. as they became active, they have demonstrated vast superpowers and a hive mind mentality. This was not something Lex had done … Lex admits, this was not his doing … that he had two more friends to join his New Wolrd Order. at this time he introduces Ares and Brainiac as his Cohorts. They engage in battle as Lex leisurely drinks a martini before he initiates flight sequence for his Mk 11 Power Armor. Bruce crashes the party in his Steel Buster Armor and wrecks Luthors party.

As their Skirmish continues Green Lantern and Flash are fighting Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the nearly demolished ruins of Themyscara. but before the two battles have a chance to climax, there is a deafening roar in the North Atlantic and the sky turns red as something colossal enters the atmosphere. A Hyv Ship the size of a city becomes visible … fallowed by another … and another … dozens fallowed by The Hyv Mother Ship. The Queen Bee (looking sexy as hell) descends from her ship and claims all as her subjects and Lex as her King. All will be assimilated or perish. Booster Gold in his haste
-can someone please shut this b**** up?! and rushes her. As Several of her Guardians step up to protect her, she waves them off. As Booster charges in , her eyes glow a sickening yellow and Giant Yellow Energy Construct insectoid claws appear and simultaneously impale and shred Micheal’s dead body. The Queen Bee and her Swarms, the entire Hyv Fleet and growing number of infected drones have all been empowered by none other than … Parallax.

-Terrors of War
just as the Mind Controlling Queen has been possessed, by Paralax, Luthor has been mind controlled by Her. He offered Earth to the Queen Bee in return for power and leadership. He didnt want Hal’s loyalties torn between him and the GLC, so he sent the Hyv to destroy Oa. In the Process the Hyv made drones out of all of the GLC still on Oa as well as Prisoners of the Sinestro Corps. the Blue Lanterns didnt stand a chance and were butcherd, not even assimilated as drones. As were the Violet Tribe. Ganthet was able to escaped with the Oan Power Battery and Mogo, and went into hiding. Sinestro, Kilowag, Atrocitus and Queen Agapo have been infected and are the Queens Royal Guard as respectively Viceroy, Dragoon, Marauder and Confidant.

Our Story So Far

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