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For those who are curious, we will be using a variation of the Heroic Roleplaying system. This is a character sheet from Marvel: Heroic Roleplaying for The Vision to give you an idea of what a character sheet would look like. Obviously there are some differences. We are using a house rules or “Home Brew” version to aid newbs and online play

There are 5 Dice that we will be using. d12, d10, d8, d6, d4. From highest to lowest they are considered Godly, Super, High, Mid, and Base level. Each Character starts with 5d12’s. Each d12 can be split into 2d10. A d10 can be split into 2d8. Etc, etc.

First, you will pick 3 Dice for your Affiliation. One for Solo, one for Buddy, and one for Team. They can not be the same kind of dice.
This reflects if you’re more of a lone wolf or a team player.

Next you will pick 3 Distinctions. These are of your choosing. They may or may not be the same type of dice. They don’t reflect powers as much as character traits. In some cases, they tie into your origins. In other cases they are catch phrases. Supes could have “Last Son of Krypton” “Truth, Justice and the American Way” and “Mild Mannered Reporter”. These reflect your motives and states of mind in play.

Next is your Power Sets. Pick Two. But they each may have multiple dice related to them. Supes may have Kryptonian Physiology and Solar Absorbtion. The former has all of his physical feats while the later can have his Heat Rays, Super Breath and X-Ray Vision. Each power within a Power Set has a Dice associated with it. It’s good to try and get verity otherwise you’ll be wasting dice. Each Power Set also has Perks and Limits. One Limit allows one perk. Extra perks can be bought with d6’s. Limits are things like “Conscious Activation” meaning when your KO’d, that power doesn’t work. Applying this to defensive powers isn’t a good idea. Perks are boosts like “Power Synergy” which when using two powers together like Flight and Strength would allow another Dice to be played from the Infinity Pool (we’ll get to that later). Powers can also create ASSETS or HINDERS. These are dice that can be applied to or by other players. Super Breath can apply a Hinder Die to an enemy action. Or Super Strength and crack armor and apply a Asset for an ally to take advantage of. The focus is strategy, story telling and team work. If you want to showboat and power game, your team will hate you and you will die quickly.

After you’re happy with your Power Sets, comes you’re Skill Set. You can have as many or as few of these as you want but it’s good to have at least one. It’ll boost your overall dice pool.
Finally you pick 2 Milestones. These are how you Level Up. Not level grinding in combat or finishing a level. You must overcome personal issues. Superman might have “God Among Ants” you would get 1xp for saving a by standard, 3xp for reversing collateral damage. And 10xp for showing mercy to a super villain. 28xp in all. Every 4xp allows you to pick a new Perk or Step Up a dice (example: upgrading from a d6 to a d8) permanently. Now once you reach a milestone you can’t milk it over and over. You can’t rescue 30 by standards for 30xp. It doesn’t work that way

When you initiate combat, you’re going to use a Dice Pool. First to pick a single dice from your Affiliation. If you choose Solo it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re all alone it just means that your actions only benefit yourself. Likewise with Buddy. The Tank/ Nuke or Flank strategy is considered Buddy. As is the classic Fastball Special. Team is going to be your crowd controllers and your healers. Occasionally defensive Tanks.
Next you’ll pick one dice from your Distinctions. This adds flavor to your actions and can determine the tone of combat as well as give insight to the other players. Next drama will pick one guy from each of your two power set. These could be one dice for Super Strakes, which you applied towards an attack, and one dice for super durability, which will be set aside for later in case you were attacked as in Asset. At any time, you make sacrifice one dice to activate a Perk. Lastly, you use one dice from your Skil Set.
The goal is to overcome a threshold to determine how many hits you get. In some cases the threshold will be higher than four. That will make d4’s Worthless … But prime candidates to be sacrificed for a Perk.

Let’s say Superman is fighting Lex Luthor’s Power Armor. His Dice Pool. Will be 2d12’s, a d10, a d8 and a d6. The threshold is 7. The d6 can’t hit 7 so he sacrifices it to activate a Perk. The d8 is pretty close too and would be difficult to role a 7. Activating a 2nd Perk is an option. But for this example we’ll keep it. Supes rolls and gets a 12, a 7, a 10 and a 3. The 12,7 and 10 hit!! Now a d12 and a d10 Maxed (in D&D speak Critical Hit). That means they rolled the highest number possible. With Maxed Dice, you get Extra Dice from the Infinity Pool. The Infinity Pool is the Pool of dice the GM (Me) will play from. Fate, Luck and Chance is essentially screwing the badguy and buffing you. This Infinity Dice can be used now or saved for later. And it is always the same size as the dice you rolled. So Superman has 3 hits and rolls a d12 and a d10 infinity Dice. He rolls a 8 and a 6. One more hit making his total 4 hits.

Luthor has a 2d10 Asset Dice set aside for Power Armor Defense and Energy Shields. Superman Hits are 3d12’s and a d10. If the d10 had been highest, it would have missed all together. But he has 3d12’s. the d12 that hit are reduced to a d10’s as it was weakened by defense. That means Superman lands a d12 and 3d10’s.
In this game there are no Hit Points. Only Trauma and Stress. You have 5 dice in 3 categories: Physical, Mental, Emotional. A d4, d6, d8, d10 and d12. Damage die are allocated appropriately. Larger die can fill lower spots. Smaller die can not fill larger die. You must sacrifice a Hit to “Step Up” (increase the die size) of another hit. Superman fills all but the d12 on Luthor’s Physical Stress. Once all of the Physical Stress are full, Luthor is Stressed and always sacrifices his highest die out of his Dice Pool. Any damage he takes now is Trauma. When all Physical Trauma are full or if Physical, Mental, and Emotional are Stressed, he is considered Knocked Out.

Now if any of the Dice had rolled Zeros, this is considered a Failed Dice. The same way a Maxed dice Gives you an Infinity Die from the Infinity Pool, a Failed Die TAKES that die away from you and gives it to the Infinity Pool.

Create A Character

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